Monday 31 January 2011

DIRTY MIND MIX #113: Amo + Navas (Spain)

This weeks DIRTY MIND MIX is coming from Spanish DJ duo Amo + Navas.
Tune in at

01 Lutzenkirchen & Felix Baumgartner - The Vibe (original) - 303 lovers
02 DJ Ortzy - Steel - Fresco records
03 Bass Kleph - Hey Ya (David Amo & Julio Navas remix) - Fresco records
04 Roger Sanchez & Far East movement feat Kannoby - 2gether (Muzzaik remix)
05 Ou est le Swimming Pool - Jacksons Last Stand (David Tort Remix)
06 Julika - Make........No (Original Mix)
07 Martin Dawson - Double_Six (Ramon Tapia Remix) (Great Stuff)
08 Age Of Love - Age Of Love (Manuel De La Mare Remix) - Tiger rec.
09 Mendo & Matteo Spedicati - Jemand (Great Stuff)
10 Joan Reyes and Bass Kleph - Britney - Fresco records
11 Format B - Gospel (Super Flu's Antichrist Remix)
12 UMEK - Novi Sad (Uto Karem Remix) (Great Stuff)
13 Chris Lake & Marco Lys - Running Out (Original Mix)

About the artist:
David Amo and Julio Navas are a well known DJ/producer team. They played in clubs and festvials around the globe like Creamfields, Sunrise Festival and Kaballah. Amo + Navas are frequenters of the Ibiza nights and have also been headhunted by some of the most important clubs on the white island: Amnesia Ibiza, Space Ibiza and Privilege, proving their skills, as always, to the most demanding audiences. Ever since they started producing, Amo + Navas have always been working in their very own studio – The Sensations Lab. Currently, they are the owners and head managers of Fresco Records which, according to critics, is one of the most innovative labels within House Music. They have been awarded several international prizes for their work.

More information:

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Sunday 30 January 2011

Luciano & Cadenza return with Vagabundos to Pacha

Great news: After the announcement of Circoloco we are happy to tell that the other top party row of Ibiza returns in 2011!

The adventure of Luciano & the Cadenza crew continues in Club Pacha. "Vagabundos" promises: "Total dedication to the art of the party, an uncompromising underground vibe and cutting-edge music".

Everybody who saw the debut last year will totally agree! Forget David Guetta, the top party in Pacha is definitely Vagabundos!

The Vagabundos march on Ibiza
Opening 29 May 2011Closing 2 October 2011
Every Sunday at Pacha / Ibiza

Photo: Cadenza Records

Saturday 29 January 2011

Fallen Heroes - Chapter 2: Erick Morillo

They were music heroes for me. The best DJs, Live-Acts, Producers in my eyes. But driven by commerce or by whatever they suddenly changed into something worse… other style, other image. No quality at all anymore. This is about me and my Fallen Heroes.

Chapter 2 - Erick Morillo

Erick Morillo is a clever guy: first he writes a worldwide hit, but instead of putting his name and his face on the stage he hires a "Mad Stuntman" and calls the song "I Like to Move It". After making enough money with this "Reel 2 Real" project Morillo concentrates on the things he really wants to do: deejaying.

Erick is an extremely skillful artist and he plays himself into the top league of House DJs in no time. He needs an own independent platform for good releases and founds one of the most important House Music Underground labels: Subliminal Records.

Now he can release every year an important and highly respected Mix-CD, the "Subliminal Sessions", showing the world his talent and his diversity! The secret of Morillo is he is not sticking to only one House style like most of his colleagues, no, Morillo picks the best of the full range of House and creates one masterpiece.

And he makes use of the technical progress in electronic music. As one of the first DJs he plays next to turntables also with CD-Players, effect and looping units. Morillo creates an unique style, looping a cool underground beat of this track, putting the concise vocals of another track over it, effect here, equalizer there. Morillo puts a firework on the dancefloor like never heard before, he is working in his DJ booth like a maniac with at least 4 arms. If a DJ is worthy of getting 10.000$ for a gig then its Morillo.

He controls the dancing crowd like no other DJ. If Morillo wants to make us scream, we scream. If Morillo wants to make us freak out, we freak out. If Morillo wants us to calm down after a firework, we calm down, to get ready for the next climax. He is famous for creating a unique style of breaks, in the right moment he puts the pumping bass suddenly down, letting the high tones loop, bringing in some additional sounds and effects… the whole crowd is freaking out and is wishing only one thing: Bring back that Bass! And Morillo brings it back - more powerful and mighty than never before. Moments I will never forget in my life. He is for me the best DJ in the world.

But not only for me, the famous club Pacha in Ibiza is offering him every summer a weekly residency, the "Subliminal Sessions" parties are THE highlight on the island. Once connected with the Pacha crew Morillo opens his own Pacha in New York. Cherries never tasted so sweet. He seems to be unstoppable.

The only one who can stop him is Morillo himself. Suddenly around the year 2008 Morillo changes. He plays mainly commercial house hits, the diversity, hardness and the power in his music are gone. And also his mighty breaks are suddenly lame and in the complete wrong moment. What happened?! Is he doing too much? Does he have no time anymore to prepare his sets? Is he getting too old? Does he not feel anymore, what the crowd needs? It seems like somebody took away his gift.

But who got it then? Maybe Axwell, the new looping and effects master. He plays cheesy, but he knows definitely how to put energy on the dancefloor. Maybe Matthias Tanzmann, the new king of breaks. They are mighty, so mighty that the whole party crowd goes down on their knees, rocking to the beat down there, waiting for the bass to come back…

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Chapter 3 - Deadmau5

Photo: Erick Morillo

Thursday 27 January 2011

New House Tracks: Ramon Tapia & Anton Pieete, Joris Voorn, Nic Fanciulli

Today I have again three brand new housemusic tracks for you - all remixes:

Armand van Helden - Witch Doktor (Ramon Tapia & Anton Pieete Remix) 
Last week Ramon Tapia already presented this track in our DIRTY MIND MIX Show. He made a nice remix of a true House Classic from Armand van Helden, together with Amsterdam's Hero Anton Pieete. It is taken from Ramon's "Strictly Rhythms Volume 6". Check it!

Gerd - For 12 Minutes She Danced With An Alien (Joris Voorn Ruff Mix)
Joris Voorn strikes again! Good he decided to become one of the best producers in the world instead of becoming a graphic designer :-) Joris is a true trendsetter, bringing back more and more classic House elements! Great remix!

M.I.R.K.O. & Michel De Hey - 5th Business Day (Nic Fanciulli Remix)
I always loved the DJ sets of Nic Fanciulli, never boring, always cutting edge. And since maybe around one year he releases one killer track after the other! Good to see Nic developing like this!

All three house music tracks are just uploaded to our internet radio pool.
Tune in at

Monday 24 January 2011

DIRTY MIND MIX #112: George Morel (USA)

This weeks DIRTY MIND MIX is coming from a true House Music legend. Forget his Vocal-Tribal past, he comes with a fresh Tech House sound! We are proud to present on our internet radio George Morel. Tune in at

01. David Lio - White
02. Slam - Vaelance
03. Florian-Meindi - I Feel Better
04. Boris - Bubbles
05. George Morel feat Michael - Lose My Head
06. Layo & Bushwacka - Gray Wolf
07. El Mundo & Satori - Itty Bitty Titties
08. Duran GenÁ & Aytekin Kurt - No Matter What (George Morel Remix)
09. Carlo Lio - Furrywallz
10. Timmy P. - Nantengo (Matt Gill Remix)
11. Daniel Steinberg - Shut Up

About the artist:
George Morel is an accomplished and evolutionary DJ/Producer, and is considered a pioneer in the dance music world. Infused with electronic and echoes of self expression, his music is in constant progression. Never tied to just one sound, he has a deep appreciation for music that fills the room and moves the soul. During the golden times of Super-House-Label "Strictly Rhythm" Morel was Vice President of A&R. In 1995 Morel started his own label, Groove On Records. It became an overnight success, with every major DJ talking about the label. Through the years he scored as Producer countless hits and got several Platinum and Gold records. He played in the best clubs of the world such as Pacha, Amnesia, Space, Ministry of Sound and even in the Cocoon Club and Tresor.

More information:

More information about our DIRTY MIND MIX Internet Radio Show

Saturday 22 January 2011

Fallen Heroes - Chapter 1: Bob Sinclar

They were music heroes for me. The best DJs, Live-Acts, Producers in my eyes. But driven by commerce or by whatever they suddenly changed into something worse… other style, other image. No quality at all anymore. This is about me and my Fallen Heroes.

Chapter 1 - Bob Sinclar

I still remember the time, when suddenly a fresh House sound popped into the Electronic Music Scene - it was the end of the 1990s. Lots of filters, cut-offs, phasers and samples. Artists from France conquered the dancefloor: Daft Punk, Cassius and a mysterious man called Bob Sinclar. French House was born - a skillful mix of popular elements and a cool underground vibe.

Bobs breakthrough was the album "Paradise" in 1998. It is still one of my favorite albums of all time (next to Basement Jaxx "Remedy"). Tracks like "The Ghetto", "My Only Love" or "Vision Of Paradise" blew me away. You heard, this man lives for music! What a producer! But in the whole album no photo of Bob, who is this guy? I was getting curious…

We all could not wait for a new album to come and finally in 2000 "Champs Elysées" was released. And Bob showed us once again what House Music is: Sexy like "I Feel For You", crazy like "Ich rocke" and energetic like "Save Our Soul". With every track he invented himself again. Bob was the greatest.

Until a hot summer night in Pacha Ibiza 2005… Roger Sanchez was playing his own warm-up for an amazing 8h set. And during this still very fresh evening he dropped suddenly a horrible record, more suitable for a kids birthday than for the most beautiful club in the world. Anyway, luckily I did not hear this awful tune again, until a party in cold December. When I found out the track was from Bob a world collapsed for me… people might guess already, I am talking about "Love Generation".

Everything what followed then from him had the same kind of quality, commercial R&B (Rubbish & Bullshit). Instead of cooperating like in the past with Music Masterminds like Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk) the New Bob is Buddy Buddy with Shaggy, Sean Paul and Goleo (The Mascot of the 2006 FIFA World Cup). His releases are monotone, without any innovation and sounding like Greetings from Jamaica or a Pony Ranch. Oh Bob, why oh why?!?

You were a highly payed DJ already, with hundreds of high-class bookings around the globe. Your releases were selling good. You had such a great standing in the Electronic Music Scene. So money & fame can not be the reason.

After all, I am glad another French Producer is showing us right now what is possible in the Post-French-House-Era: Rodriguez Jr. - Vive La France!

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Photo: Bob Sinclar

Friday 21 January 2011

Review: Alessandro Diga - Kroxldyphvic EP

We just received a new promo from Dutch Progressive House Label Outside The Box. The new release OTB047 is called Kroxldyphvic EP and is from Alessandro Diga.

I am very happy to say that I really like the recent releases of Eelke Kleijns label! The Kroxldyphvic EP is here no exception and comes with three strong tracks: "Kroxldyphvic", "Not A Word" and "One Thing Missing (Friday Afternoon Mix)".

All three house music tracks are just uploaded to our internet radio pool. Enjoy!

Free Daft Punk Track - TRON: Legacy

The movie TRON: Legacy is now almost worldwide released. Last countries are:
Belgium: 26 January 2011 / Netherlands: 26 January 2011 / Germany: 27 January 2011 / Turkey: 28 January 2011 / France: 9 February 2011.

The soundtrack comes from House Music Superheroes Daft Punk (the French musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo & Thomas Bangalter). They reached extreme popularity in the late 1990s French House movement. Their debut album "Homework" from 1997 is a milestone in Electronic Music history. They had countless hits like "Around The World", "One More Time" and "Harder Better Faster Stronger".

One of the TRON tracks is available as free download:
Download track "Daft Punk - Derezzed (NTEIBINT Remix)"

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Opening 2011 of Circoloco & DC10 Ibiza

This is what we all waited for: the opening date of Circoloco and the DC10 club in Ibiza is confirmed!

After a special New Year's Day event at DC10 the official opening of the 2011 season will take place on Monday 30th May, starting around afternoon.
After that Circoloco will continue every Monday, and also DC10 will host parties on Wednesday and Friday like 2010.

We are glad Circoloco can continue its House Music New Era!
See you in the summer in Ibiza!

Interview: Vladimir Corbin (Beatmarket, Stuttgart)

Vladimir Corbin lives in the South of Germany. He is our new mix resident, presenting regularly a fine DJ set on our DIRTY MIND MIX Show. Time to get to know Vlado better!

First, as always, describe yourself in 3 words:
Dirty Minded Musician!

We met first time around the year 2000 in Stuttgart/Germany. I was the webdesigner of "M1 The Club" and you worked for “Sub Culture”, an important nightlife magazine. What happened from then until now?
Oh my god! So much happened in the past years. I quitted publishing Sub Culture in 2008. From 2002 on I published the Sub Culture Magazine by myself and after long 11 years in a magazine office I decided to change some things and so I took all my concentration on my music and events like "Tonsport". I found my love in spinning vinyls in 2000 and producing tracks, but it took a long time releasing my first tracks on different labels. I worked together with great artists like Dapayk, Kolombo, Deepchild, Ante Perry and others. Now I am running my booking agency Beatmarket and also work for, WeSC and in the background of a record label. You see, a lot of things happened ;-)

Tell us more about the Beatmarket:
Beatmarket is my booking agency with great artists like Kolombo, LouLou Players, Alma Gold & Citizen Black, founded in the beginning of this year.

What is your setup when you are deejaying? Do you use Records, CDs, Laptop, Software, Effects? Why?
My big love for years was spinning vinyls but with the beginning of longer travels I changed to CDs. It’s much more easy to travel with a small bag than with 30 kilos of vinyls and sometimes I hear my back saying “thank you”. For me playing music is like a hand trade and so there is no controller or software giving me a hand.
The most used setup is a Pioneer DJM 1.000 and two Pioneer CD-J 2.000 together with my Philipps hdd120 mp3 recorder.

We really like the track selection of your mixes on our internet radio. Describe your style, how do you select the tracks and what is your source for good music? 
Thank you! I’m listening to a lot of music to find the tracks for my mixes. In getting promo tracks, listening to soundcloud and different platforms,  it takes a lot of time but work will be done. My style is somewhere between dirty, groovy deep house and some catchy techhouse. The most important substance of good music is a groove and some melodies that causes a grin on your face. I love to see happy people on the dancefloor!

Do you use social media for self-promotion?
I think these days it’s nearly impossible to promote yourself as a music artist without being a part of the most used social platforms. So yes, I use them and share my music and news.

Please write spontaneously a short comment for each of the following terms:
Stuttgart: Sound City Stuttgart
Ibiza: nice isle ;-)
Amsterdam: wooooha, such a wonderful city
Loveparade: For me the Loveparade died in the moment when it moved from Kurfürstendamm (Street in Berlin and first route of the parade. JOE)
Best Club: Colibri, Stuttgart
Best House DJ / producer: one of the best sets I’ve ever heard was the set Jesse Rose played during my Tonsport event in Colibri, Stuttgart on 07.07.2007 and he’s also a great producer.

Which question you were never asked in an interview, but you would love to answer? (you can also answer if you like, now is your chance :-)
I have never been asked: why the hell are you not moving from your little hometown Esslingen (near Stuttgart) to a bigger city?
Everyone who loves the familiar feeling in such small cities knows what I would lose in doing that. My family lives here, all my friends and I know every damn corner and street in this town. Why should I move in a big city to be among all the foreign people?

More information about Vladimir Corbin:

Interview by Joe Landen

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Our first promotion video!

Sovistik media & design in Amsterdam created our first promotion video. Thanks for the great work :-)

Visit our DIRTY MIND MUSIC YouTube Channel

Monday 17 January 2011

DIRTY MIND MIX #111: Ramon Tapia (Belgium)

One of our goals with our DIRTY MIND MIX Radio Show is to present regularly rising stars in House Music. After Tim Green, Rodriguez Jr, Luca Bear, Romano Alfieri, Kaiserdisco, ... is this weeks mix from Ramon Tapia (Belgium), one of the biggest talents in Europe. Tune in at

01 Sam Balll - One Way Ticket
02 Affkt - I Got It (DJ Madskillz Remix)
03 Silicone Soul - Right On (Ramon Tapia's On and On Remix)
04 Alex Under - Gorrezno (Mihai Popoviciu remix)
05 Kid Culture & Thomas Robson - Feel So Good (Livio & Roby remix)
06 Bryan Zentz - Double R
07 Dave Brody - Never Go
08 Anton Pieete - Whaler
09 Ramon Tapia - Combustian
10 Samuel L Session - The Horn Track
11 Ramon Tapia - Talk To Me
12 Armand Van Helden - The Witch Doctor (Ramon Tapia & Anton Pieete Remix)

About the artist:
Ramon Tapia alias El Carlitto, son of a Chilenean musician who had to run from his home country as he stood up against the regime, and a Dutch woman who was brave enough to fall in love, is a funny character, a very ambitious one: No one would have guessed he, the young jeweler working behind the counter of an Antwerp record shop, would one day release records on labels as renowned as Great Stuff, Craft Music, Corachi!, Pocket, etc. But he does! With remixes for Butch & Amir and Özgür Can under his belt, things are looking more than good for the energetic player. Ramon has a firm understanding of diversity and a very broad taste in music, readily amplified by his open mind and soul. His Latin background and his Dutch upbringing perfectly explain his cultural curiosity and his deep rooted sense for groove and rhythm. Shimmering through in his intrinsic productions is his love for structural buildups and breakdowns and harmonies which underlay the driving beats.

More information:

More information about our DIRTY MIND MIX Internet Radio Show

Friday 14 January 2011

Vinyl Recycling in Berlin

Look Mom what they do with the records!
Found at the fleamarket at Mauerpark Berlin.

Wednesday 12 January 2011

Interview: Aga Heller (Supraton, Hamburg)

Today we start with the first interview on our House Music blog. We are happy, we could win for this a real nightlife pro and multi-talent, who supported our internet radio right from the start in 2008: Aga Heller. He lives in Hamburg and is one of the most important persons in the electronic music biz from Germany.

First, as always, describe yourself in 3 words:
Hahahaha! Ok, let me try… “Attractive, successful, generous” – Hope you agree! ;o)

Of course :-)  We met first time around the year 2000 in Stuttgart/Germany. I was the webdesigner of the famous M1 Club and you did the bookings for this and other clubs with M1_Bookings. What happened from then until now?
I sold my share of M1_Bookings at the end of 2001 and moved to Hamburg, where I started to work for Warner Music as a product manager. I was responsible for dance compilations there. A year later I left Warner Music already and joined the dance department at edel music AG, where I took care of marketing and A&R management. After a few years at edel music I decided to relaunch Supraton, my own agency – and I am quite happy, how it went. We represent some quite popular DJs and producers exclusively, like The Shapeshifters, Ian Carey, DBN, Michael Gray, Marco Lys, Nalin & Kane and several more.
And not to forget about my “hobby”: I used to work for different radio stations as a presenter and editor within the last 15 years, too. Since three years I run the “Bacardi B-Live Radio Show” on Radio sunshine live (a national radio station in Germany), which is the most successful dance music radio show in Germany with more than 200.000 listeners every week.

Yes, you are definitely one of the most important persons in the electronic music biz. Party promoter, club manager, A&R, marketing manager, artist manager, DJ, producer, radio presenter... you did so many things. What do you like the most and do you wish sometimes to have just an ordinary nine to five job?
I definitely wish to have just an ordinary nine to five job sometimes! Would be nice to have some more free time! My day in the office (or studio) starts at nine in the morning – and it usually ends late in the evening or even at night. But I love what I do. There’s actually nothing I like most, I love all the parts of my job in general – except of accounting, controlling, etc. ;-)

What is for you the best club and who is the best House Music DJ / producer at the moment?
That’s a hard question. I had the luck to see a lot of great clubs worldwide. I would not say there’s one club, that’s the best one, but I would say there are a few massive clubs that I really like: Fabric (London), Berghain (Berlin), Zouk (Singapore), Space (Miami), Amnesia (Ibiza). And I will always love the old M1_The Club in Stuttgart. Had a great time there… :-)
About DJs: My all-time favourite DJs are Deep Dish and first of all Danny Tenaglia, of course. A shame Deep Dish split a few years ago. But they are legends. And Danny Tenaglia is the “DJ of the DJs” – never ever will forget his 24 hour sets at Space Ibiza or Space Miami.

Please write spontaneously a short comment for each of the following terms:
Hamburg: wet and cold – but home!
Ibiza: I like!
Berlin: Crazy parties!
Miami: Titts and beaches - overrated!
Loveparade: Ouch…

More information about Aga Heller:

Interview by Joe Landen

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Tuesday 11 January 2011

Review: Oliver Klein & Kolombo, Hugo, Sascha Sonido

Three brand new housemusic tracks caught my attention today:

Oliver Klein & Kolombo - Gonna Be (Original Mix)
Classic House elements combined with up-to-date beats and groove. Gonna Be Good!

Hermanez - Plastic Confidence (Hugo Remix)
Another great Hugo remix! Love the crazy touch and this high cling cling instrument in his productions :-)
The original track is from Hermanez, another candidate to have an eye on!

Sascha Sonido - Flying Circus (Original Mix)
The darkest track of these three. Tendency to techno and Amsterdam New School Sound. Fly Circus, fly!

They are exclusively available at
All three house music tracks are just uploaded to our internet radio pool. Enjoy!

Monday 10 January 2011

Free house music track by Marco Lys!

It would be an understatement to call Marco Lys one of the most successful international housemusic shooting stars of 2010. Now he is thanking his worldwide fan base for the amazing support, by providing them with one of his biggest singles of 2010 as a free download.

Download track "Marco Lys - Few Things"
More info about Marco Lys at SUPRATION

DIRTY MIND MIX #110: Miss Nine (Germany/Netherlands)

This weeks DIRTY MIND MIX is coming from our mix resident DJane Miss Nine. She presents on our internet radio another great episode of her Nine Sessions House Music show. Tune in at

01 Mattheo Velez – Dance To The World (Original Mix)
02 Menini, Viani – What U R (Original Mix)
03 Pawas – Anticipation (James Dutton mix)
04 TacoMan, Jose M – The Room (Tom Collins Mix)
05 Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile - Teleport – T-Lectual & Summer
    (Northern Lights Remix)
06 Robbie Rivera ft Ozmosis – Keep On Going (Tony Arzadon Remix)
07 Pryda – Illusions
08 Kris Menace ft Emil – Walking On the Moon (Adam Shaw remix)
09 Weepee – Pacific (Miss Nine Remix)
10 Suavemonkey – Close (Original Mix)
11 David & Jones – Ma Ma Se (Aqua Diva Remix)
12 Rudy Tony – Hine
13 Robyn – Indestructible (Pitron & Sanna Extended Mix)

About the artist:
In the heavily male dominated DJ market, it is rare to find a female DJ who can create a huge impact on the scene in a short amount of time. With her eclectic taste in music, ranging from energetic grooves with plenty of vocals to a deeper, progressive sound, Miss Nine is sure to turn heads and move feet any where she performs. Kristin Schrot began her career not as a deejay, but as a model. At 16, she made it to the finals of one of the largest modeling pageants in Germany, and soon after secured a worldwide contract with Elite Model Management. Longing for more, her passion for music led Kristin to move to Amsterdam where she dubbed herself Miss Nine and began pursuing a career in the music industry. Miss Nine often supports Deep Dish at their gigs and is the first female who mixed a compilation for Yoshitoshi Recordings. It reached No 1 at the iTunes Dance Album Chart in the USA.

More information:

More information about our DIRTY MIND MIX Internet Radio Show

Sunday 9 January 2011

About Joe and his house music internet radio

After allowing radio stations to wear his nerves over too many years, Joe Landen in summer 2008 decided to set up his own station. This resulted in DIRTY MIND MUSIC – a free Internet radio station dedicated solely to the best of electronic music, or more precisely: to house music.

Joe runs the Internet radio as an ambitious hobby project, supported by many friends, DJs and artist managements. His regular occupation actually is that of designer. But his taste in music is now spreading across the entire globe at an incredible pace with the aid of Internet radio provider "live356". "I have a broadcasting package with webspace at a really fair price, which I am able to feed with audio content from my laptop at home," Joe explains. "Live365 takes care of the technology and the community, I arrange the radio programme".

And he does so with success: Listeners give DIRTY MIND MUSIC a score of 9 from 10 points. After only 3 months, the radio was already ranked 5th amongst 115 house stations on live365. After 11 months, it reached position no 2 of meanwhile 121 stations, making DIRTY MIND MUSIC one of the top newcomers on live365. And all without any budget for advertising.

The radio starts to get attention in the music biz: in january 2010 the exclusive mix from DJ Martial White becomes featured mix on mixcloud. From march to october 2010 DIRTY MIND MUSIC is the only featured station in the house sector of the live365 website.

And where are the roots of this success? Well, of course in the music selection. "There are many radio stations and house music stations, but I have not once come across one that plays only the best house music on a consistent basis. Of course they all claim to do so, but seriously, if you have a listen to a house station, the first song might be quite good, but the quality deteriorates with the second or third at the latest, it becomes too commercial, too uncool or even leaves the house genre entirely. We play the full range of house: vocal, uplifting, progressive, minimal etc. And only songs at a high artistic level, not simply boom boom." That appeals to people, not only the in-scene crowd, but also listeners whose taste is "ordinary" music and perhaps for the first time learn what house music really is – and that it definitely does not include Scooter.

Joe has been part of the electronic-music scene since the early 90s and has been able to establish many contacts over the years of which he now benefits. "Many DJs, record labels and artist managements supply me with the latest music productions and above all with DJ mixes. Every week we have a new “Dirty Mind Mix” in our programme, by well-known artists such as Nic Fanciulli, Moguai, Thomas Schumacher, Seamus Haji, Miss Nine, D.O.N.S., Michael Gray, Funkstar de Luxe or by newcomers whom we want to give an opportunity to present their sound to an international audience perhaps for the first time. That's why you will even hear DJs like Roy Malakian from Lebanon on our radio station. Most of the contacts with newcomers I get on parties or via social media."

And where does Joe get his musical inspiration? "I visit a lot of parties, so I know exactly what's going on, what's a success and where the trends are heading." Further huge sources of inspiration are Ibiza, the Miami Winter Music Conference or the Amsterdam Dance Event. And these days, of course, the Internet. "I remember some years ago I still had to trek to the record store and laboriously search for the latest vinyls and then spent expensive money buying the entire record that only included one good song." These days, of course, you buy individual songs on download portals, here they are easy to find and the sales rankings indicate what's particularly appealing to the crowds. Moreover, famous DJs publish their current top 10 here. These days you also find an increasing number of brand new DJ mixes on the Internet, by famous artists, including the so-called "tracklist", a list of the songs played. "All these are the sources from which I then select the absolutely best, not driven by any commercial interests. And I don't forget the roots of the music either and also play one or the other classic".

And of course an uncommon website is a must: not only allows you to switch on the radio, but also offers background information. The online landscape with the funny characters has a special charm, and what's best is: the more listener records are established, the more elements and creatures are added. "Therefore the website is in a growth process just like my radio station."

And what keeps him on going? “House music is constantly changing, it is a very exciting field! The music gives me so much strength and always cheers me up! It's absolutely fantastic to get nice feedback for what you do from listeners around the globe. And it also combines with design, another big part of me. I live in the right time to afford such a project and to reach the whole world, I see it as a privilege to be able to express myself this way”.

Joe is German. At the age of 6 he started to record own funny shows on a tape deck. His favourite band that time is Depeche Mode, the synthy & sample heroes of the 80s. When he was a teenager he published an humorous newspaper at school called “The Miami News”. After getting a video camera he founded the “CTV” video crew with friends. They were a regional success and built up a huge fan base with their comedy, Youtube unfortunately did not yet exist. When he was 18 he discovered his love for electronic music and started to collect party flyers. He established an international network of flyer collectors. For his communication design studies he moved to Stuttgart and began to deejay, produce, and organise parties. He became well-known with his final year project called "The Flyer Phenomenon" (, a website which is all about the subject matter of flyers. As a graphic and webdesigner he set up the TWINPIX design studio (, which has a number of customers from the nightlife scene. In 2006 he was offered the opportunity to spend six months in Amsterdam, fell in love with the city and shortly afterwards emigrated. Joe founded DIRTY MIND MUSIC as a side-project and worked as a webdesigner in an advertising agency. 2009 he got to know his big Finnish love Ulla at the legendary Voltt festival. From now on Ulla takes care about the radio social networks and is scouting for new tracks and mixes. In summer 2010 the two decided to move from A to B, from Amsterdam to Berlin.

Looking at DIRTY MIND MUSIC it becomes evident that to Joe house music is a passion. His mission:
"We just want to be the best house radio on this planet".