Wednesday 8 July 2015

DIRTY MIND MIX #192: Joey Boombap aka Boombap Soundorchestra (Netherlands)

This weeks DIRTY MIND MIX is from Joey Boombap aka Boombap Soundorchestra from the Netherlands. We are happy to have Joey after over five years on our show again. Tune in to his exclusive authentic HouseMUSIC set for DIRTY MIND MUSIC at

001 Carl Craig, Green Velvet-Rosalie (Original Mix)
002 The White Lamp-It's You (Eats Everything & Christophe acid house mix)
003 Man Power-Renamed
004 Gari Romalis - Realm State
005 Norm Talley-The Journey Scott Grooves
006 Purveyors Of Fine Funk - Tease
007 I-Cube-109 BPM
008 John Tejada-Mono on Mono/Italojohnson - Italojohnson track 2 (LOOP)
009 Am Fenster - Ultimate (Rave Mix)
010 Floating Points-Nuits Sonores
011 Jesse Perez - Thats Real Muthafuckin Talk
012 Nitejams-B1
013 Detroit Swindle-The Wrap Around
011 Joey Boombap - Sit Back
012 Joey Boombap- Don't Let Me Start
013 Frits Wentink-Geese
014 Jack J-Something (On My Mind)
012 Traumprinz-Hey Baby/Moloko-Sing It Back (Matthew Herbert's Tasteful Dub)
013 DJ 3000-Darjeeling Sun (Gary Martin's 12inch Extended Mix)
014 Latecomer - Cosmic C art (Laroye Remix)
015 Emmanuel Jal-Kuar (Olof Dreijer Remix)
016 Dj Koze-Mi Cyaan Believe It

About the artist:
Joey Boombap aka Boombap Soundorchestra is a Dutch DJ & Producer, who focus on a wide variety of authentic HouseMUSIC. Think of genre's like Chicago House, Detroit Techno, UK Garage. His passion lies within the UK Bassline, House and Techno type of tunes, “It's gotta have more funk, I wanna groove” are familiar phrases of him. Creativity and music is what matters most so he is open to everything and can be inspired by anything.

Growing up in a fast living city who loves to party, and living in a TIME where house music was probably at it's peak. It's like he is kidnapped by the very essence of music, that energetic feeling never let him go. So his broad interests and curiosity towards all types of music created a discovering and mind blowing journey wich led this guys to all kinds of different genres. That made it even harder for him to dedicate himself to just one. So he just STARTED transceding the genres, creating an orchestra type of sound. With house being the basic. Enchanted by all that came with house music he started collecting all different types of music he could get his hands on, followed by DJ carees and finally to producing his debut EP Science Fixxion. Feel free to check it out. And there's alot more coming so keep checking the page, make it your starting page! It's time to live Boombap folks, jump on it!

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