Wednesday 23 February 2011

The History of House & Techno > Part 1: The Beginning of a new Youth Culture

In the early 80s a new music style developed in Chicago and New York. It was completely electronically produced and very easy to dance thanks to strongly emphasized 4/4-beats. The music was called "House", named after the club "Warehouse” in Chicago. The resident DJ Frankie Knuckles was the driving force here.

While the sound in Chicago was influenced by Euro-Electronic-Beats, the style in New York was a bit different and characterized by Soul, Disco and Vocals. The most important club here was the “Paradise Garage” with co-owner and DJ Larry Levan. The sub-genre “Garage” was born.

House was no mass phenomenon, but mainly played in black gay clubs.

This began to change in 1985 with "Acid House", which opened the way for a new Youth Culture. Acid House was actually not invented, but discovered by accident by DJ Pierre from Chicago. He bought in a second hand shop a weird instrument called "TB-303".

This device was built by one of the largest manufacturers for electronic music instruments, the Japanese company “Roland”. In 1982 they introduced this monophonic, analogue bass synthesizer, which also had a sequencer in it. It had a keyboard octave and six knobs, with which you could modulate the bass line in real time. Originally designed for one-man-bands and amateur entertainers, the “303” was a huge flop for the manufacturer. It sounded not at all like a bass guitar, and 400$ for this was way too expensive. After only 18 months of production time Roland stopped it.

So DJ Pierre experimented with his new toy and discovered quite soon that he is able to stretch and accelerate the tones with the help of the knobs. And on a certain position the sound became really crazy, a kind of chirrup, a sound no one heard before…
DJ Pierre was fascinated and presented his discovery to his two friends Spanky and Herb Jackson. They teamed up for a project called "Phuture" and created a first track with the “303” called "Acid Trax". That was certainly the "Rock around the clock" of the House movement! It was different than any other. Such an incredible sound!

"Acid Trax" was already famous before it was pressed for Trax Records in 1987, because the DJs copied the tape like crazy. It is said even ordinary people on the streets of Chicago have known it. Since then House tracks with a TB-303 were called "Acid House". A lot of people suddenly demanded this device, too bad for Roland they destroyed the construction plans. The style continued to develop rapidly, got its own characteristics in contrast to "normal" House. This went even so far that the use of the "303" was no longer mandatory.

Acid House was now ready to conquer the world

Text by Joe Landen

Coming soon: Part 2 - Ibiza and the new drug

Pictures & Sources:
1 DJ Frankie Knuckles
2 Streetsign in Chicago
3 Building of the former Paradise Garage, New York Dpinnyc
4 DJ Larry Levan
5 DJ Pierre
Roland TB-303

Monday 21 February 2011

DIRTY MIND MIX #116: Emature (Ukraine/UK)

This weeks DIRTY MIND MIX is coming from DJ Emature. He was born in Ukraine, but he lives in one of the music capitals of the world: London. He is presenting an exclusive Soulful / Deep House set on our internet radio. Tune in at

About the artist:
Ukraine born DJ Emature started his music career with DJ’ing on pirate radio stations after moving to London. He teamed up with Jason Foster and played on Real FM (South London Station) under the name the Platinum Players. Shortly afterwards they played regularly on the underground station OnTop FM 95.FM. Having DJayed at London’s popular venues, DJ Emature is now part of young and up a coming Record Label; Look 4 Me Ent, as the only DJ on the label. DJ Emature also produces a weekly podcast, so watch out for his name.

More information:
Facebook Page

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Thursday 17 February 2011

Interview: Funkerman (Netherlands)

Funkerman is a well known House Music DJ & producer from the Netherlands. He has commercial success, but always remains true to himself. His DJ sets are pure energy and he is always a welcome guest when it comes to our DIRTY MIND MIX Show. This is Funkerman:

First, as always, describe yourself in 3 words:
Impulsive, control freak, workaholic

How did your DJ and Producer career start and how did it develop?
I started out being a music lover at a very young age and discovered turntablism at the age of 13. It was love at first sight! My first time DJ-ing was at a club in my hometown, I had a residency there for eleven years. In 2004 I started a label called Flamingo Recordings. One year later my International DJ career started to grow and now we are here. 2011 will be a fresh year for me with a lot of new stuff coming up.

That sounds great! What are you busy with at the moment?
I just rebuilt our studio together with my good friend Raf. We are producing a lot of different stuff at the moment and for other artists as well. Besides that we are planning a new Funkerman album. We have a lot of great tracks that might be good enough, it’s again another sound than people would expect from me. So check out my website for updates.

You are one of the few artists, who knows, how to make good commercial and underground House Music. How do you find the right balance between success and being a cool underground DJ? 
When something turns out to be a commercial success I am totally fine with that. As long as I make music with the right intentions.There is some good stuff around and I guess lots of artists try to make great music but some are just on the hunt for fame. People will feel the difference, no matter how hard the industry tries to make you believe something else.

What is your setup when you are deejaying? Do you use Records, CDs, Laptop, Software, Effects? Why?
I always try to work as simple and creative as possible on stage. 4 CD players and 1 mixer with effects are just perfect for me. The equipment is so good nowadays, that I can change arrangements and add effects with the CD players and right mixer. I recently moved all my records to my office and that reminded me again of how heavy that shit was and that I was dragging all these records around for years and years. Now I have all my music on two memory sticks ☺

I lived myself several years in the Netherlands. How do you explain that this tiny country is one of the driving forces in House & Techno? And why are the people so crazy about it? 
I think the fact that house music started here in the late 80’s and became one of the most important music genres in the Netherlands. Besides that, there are a lot of Dutch DJ’s with an international career with lots of followers worldwide. I guess that makes Holland one of the biggest electronic dance music capitals in the world.

Please write spontaneously a short comment for each of the following terms:
Amsterdam: Oosterhout ☺
Berlin: Techno capital of the world
Miami: Sunshine and Music
Best Club: Sandwich
Best Festival: All the festivals where I’ve been invited to play ☺

More information about Funkerman:

Interview by Joe Landen

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Wednesday 16 February 2011

New House Tracks: ATFC, Pete Griffiths & Ant Brooks, Supernova

Today I want to present you a few new House Smashers! All tracks "gehen gut vorw√§rts", like the Germans would say, which means: they are pumping, Darling!

ATFC - Tropicana (Original Club Mix) 
ATFC at its best! Caribbean flair meets cool underground sound.

Pete Griffiths & Ant Brooks - Filtered (Original Club Mix)
Mighty bassline, some Disco elements, pushing vocals and of course filters!

Supernova - Beat Me Back (Original Mix)
Also a track which is constantly pushing! Can't wait to hear that one on a dancefloor!

All three house music tracks are just uploaded to our internet radio pool.
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Tuesday 15 February 2011

DIRTY MIND MIX #115: Manuel De La Mare (Italy)

This weeks DIRTY MIND MIX is coming from Italien DJ & Producer Manuel De La Mare. He is the man behind the House Music labels 303Lovers and Hotfingers.
Tune in at

01 Veerus & Maxie Devine - Vowels (Timewriter Remix)
02 Angel Stoxx - The Sound Of My Voice (Redondo & Sideburn Remix)
03 Manuel De La Mare, Lissat & Voltaxx - Club Around The World (Anil Chawla Remix)
04 Three Sixty & Chris Special - Shake (Vlada Asanin Remix)
05 Coqui Selection Boomchack (Original Mix)
06 Prok & Fitch - Kabala (Orginal Mix)
07 Coqui Selection - I Love Jimmy Sommersby (Original Mix)
08 Dirty Harris & ThreeSixty - Glock (Original Mix)
09 Filthy Rich - I Need You (Original Mix)
10 Elisha Grey - Locko (Original Mix)
11 Sam Paganini - Feel (Samy Remix)
12 Manuel De La Mare - Talamanca (Stefano Noferini Remix)

About the artist:
Manuel De La Mare is a DJ, producer and label owner of 303Lovers and Hotfingers. He quickly developed his own style which is the result of the lifetime musical influence. His eclectic production varies between all possible electronic genres, gaining fame among controversial crowds. He reaches the world's hottest destinations from Asia to South and North America, Africa and spots all over Europe. Manuel released music and collaborated with some of the best record labels like Tiger Records, Spinnin, Toolroom, Definitive and Ministry of Sound. Manuel launched his own labels 303Lovers and Hotfingers back in 2007 along with Alex Kenji and Marshall. The labels have now showed themselves as one of the key names in House and Techno Music with a never-ending flow of quality releases.

More information:

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Thursday 10 February 2011

New House Tracks: Guy Gerber, Outart

Brand new cool housemusic tracks are on the way...

Deniz Kurtel - The L World (Guy's Gerber's Contryside Remix)
Guy Gerber proves once again that he is the best electronic music producer from Israel. His tracks are simply remarkable, also his new remix for Deniz Kurtel.

Outart - Sun Splash (Original Mix)
New release of Matthias Tanzmann's label Moon Harbour. Crazy percussions and trumpets, simply Circoloco style :-)

Both house music tracks are just uploaded to our internet radio pool.
Tune in at

Monday 7 February 2011

DIRTY MIND MIX #114: Funkerman (Netherlands)

This weeks DIRTY MIND MIX is coming from Dutch DJ & Producer Funkerman. We are happy to present his second mix on our House Music Internet Radio! Do not miss his great set. Tune in at

01. Eddie Amador - The Funk (King Unique's Speechapella)
02. Marsmobil - Gonna Be My Day (Hendrik Schwartz Acoustronic Remix)
03. Ferreck Dawn - Kabeya
04. Gamat 3000 - Photone (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)
05. Funkerman - Paperbag Revolution
06. Leeboy And Gab - Funky
07. And ME - One Day
08. Jose Wated - Collect 200 (Israel Vich Remix)
09. SLS & Samuel L. Session - Set The Drums
10. Stojche - Whack Whack
11. Comme Lapin - Vaai
12. Saeed Younan - Yeah Ha (Original Mix)
13. Funkerman - Everyday Getaway
14. Ame - Fiori (Dixon Beat Edit)
15. Cabaret Des Belles - Lettres (Original Mix)
16. Tom Budden - The Tree Dance (2010 Re-edit)
17. Kolombo presents Kagomba - Kagomba (Andhim Remix)
18. Reset Robot - La Porte

About the artist:
Funkerman is a well known house DJ/producer from Holland. From his first love of pioneering US hip hop, through obsessive crate digging for classic soul, Disco & Funk, to riding on the first waves of US house; he has always been on a quest to find, make and play new and exciting music. Through years of hard work DJ-ing & producing, Funkerman established himself internationally, and by 2004 he founded Flamingo Recordings, with fellow producer Raf and Fedde le Grand. The label releases huge hits like Fedde le Grand’s ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’ and their collaboration ‘3 Minutes To Explain’. He remixes artists like Ida Corr, Guru Josh and the Sugababes. His track 'Speed up' was featured in the Xbox 360 karaoke game Lips. Whilst enjoying the many fruits of his labour, Funkerman’s aim is to keep on improving musically and to push electronic music to the next level.

More information:

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Saturday 5 February 2011

Fallen Heroes - Chapter 3: Deadmau5

They were music heroes for me. The best DJs, Live-Acts, Producers in my eyes. But driven by commerce or by whatever they suddenly changed into something worse… other style, other image. No quality at all anymore. This is about me and my Fallen Heroes.

Chapter 3 - Deadmau5

In the year 2007 there was suddenly a certain song. DJs of different House Music genres played it a lot in their sets. The track was progressive, it had a cool melody, a good groove and a pushing atmosphere. I liked it right away. I searched for the song quite a time and finally I found out, it is "Arguru" from an artist called "Deadmau5". "Dead Mouse?" Never heard before, but I knew immediately, a guy who calls himself like this and writes the name like he does is very creative.

I made some research: the name comes from an incident where a mouse crawled into his computer and died. "Dead Mouse" was too long for an IRC login name, so he abbreviated it to be the “leet speak” spelling “Deadmau5”. His real name is Joel Zimmerman, he is from Canada and during that time 26 years old.

Aha! I wanted to have "Arguru" as my profile song in my myspace page - during that time a still very important social network. But Deadmau5 had the track not online. So I wrote to him… and Joel answered very nice! He will put the track online. Oh yeah, I love Social Media!

From this moment on I had an eye on his releases, and he produced a lot! And all the tracks were remarkable. All main melodies are played in a certain style. Beautiful compositions with high recognition, but still having an underground touch! Pure innovation! I loved releases like "Not Exactly" or "Jaded" - and especially "Faxing Berlin", the best track of the year. Is he the Mozart of our time?

Now Deadmau5 went off like a rocket! He made for sure one of the fastest careers in the electronic music biz. It rained down awards for him, he was everybody's darling! But only because of his good productions? No!
First: Joel is a master of Social Media. He knows how to speak to fans and how to use the different available free channels for excellent self-promotion.
Second: he invents a huge marketing gag. Suddenly he wears a gigantic mouse head during his gigs (originally he created the shape while learning to use a 3D program). It is said one head is worth more than 10.000$, equipped with a headphone and ventilation system. Everybody speaks about it, and everybody wants to see him live. And yes, fans wear Mickey Mouse ears like there is a Disney Parade going on. What do you want more!?

Suddenly Deadmau5 changes his new songs a bit. His famous style of playing the melodies is gone. OK, an artist has to develop, especially when you want to stay on the top. The track is still good though, so don't worry...
But the releases are getting with the time more and more worse, more and more towards Electro. For those who do not know: horrible cheap aggressive tones, which you heard already at least 1000 times before, combined with zero innovation - this is Electro. Or "stabbing in the back" music like I call it.

In the past I played every new track from him on our internet radio. Now: not even one. He was the greatest producer of our time, now he is a cheap ripoff. But why? I heard from promoters who book him for a gig that he is now very arrogant. If its true, I don't know. Maybe the success was too fast for him, maybe he wants to make even more money. Cheap Electro sounds are played in every small village club, the target group who likes it is much bigger. He completely changed for getting more audience - but they are no music lovers. A huge pity - for those who know: we lost one of the best composers of all time.

Read also:
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Photo: Deadmau5

Thursday 3 February 2011

Interview: We Are E Artist Management (Amsterdam)

We Are E is a well-known artist management located in Amsterdam, representing a lot of interesting Dutch artists like Rauwkost, Daniel Sanchez, Oliver Weiter, Johanna Mercker, Joey Daniel and Arjuna Schiks. They are just celebrating their 2nd anniversary, time to take a closer look! An Interview with Kelly Peelen:

First, as always, describe yourself in 3 words:
Driven, self-opinionated and curious

Now congratulations to We Are E! You are just celebrating the 2nd birthday! Tell us, how did everything start?
Pieter Ridder started Squz Agency back in 2008 and started to represent the Dutch techno prodigy duo Rauwkost and some other artists.
In the same period Frenk Wiersma and Tjeerd Bijnsdorp (Evotions) were looking for new experiences in the dance industry and Rauwkost’s success got them in contact with Pieter and eventually We Are E was born. As usually start-ups mean lots of things to be done and therefore I joined them shortly after.

How did We Are E develop in the two years?
Well we started as a small agency with both young promising and a bit more arrived successful artists. In two years I can really say we as agency as well as our artists all have grown a lot!
We spent the last two years building on a solid foundation for the brand and our artists by organizing regular parties, unique photo shoots and videos and the use of social media.
This also resulted in the fact that successful artist like Darko Esser and young talented artists like El Mundo & Satori and Bas Amro joined our agency recently.
Fundamentally and personally for me nothing really changed/improved although things got easier due to the combination of the hard labour Pieter and I put in and better contacts we have nowadays.
For example on the phone it doesn’t take as much introduction as it used to be two years ago because people start to recognize us as an agency.
Current projects include setting up a label and releasing records. So there is plenty of more to come in the near future so stay tuned…

Nice! So how do you select new artists you want to manage? What qualities must they have?
Based on the popular and well-known X-Factor We Are E searches for their own unique E-Factor which is also indescribable but fairly recognisable when an artist is talented.
As an agency we find it important that an artist adds value to our little corner of the world called Dance music. We organise this by shifting emphasis between for example producing and releasing records or hosting their personal events. What ever suits them best.

Describe your functions at We Are E.
Fortunately there’s hardly a dull moment in the music industry and therefore my working day or week is hardly ever the same. Bookings take up quite a large proportion of my time so does the day-to-day management and the communication with the artists. Getting in touch with them especially on Monday or Thursday can sometimes be a mission impossible! ☺
Besides that I’m responsible for the promotion of the We Are E Brand and our artists, so you can say I’m looking for new opportunities to promote both of them on a daily basis.
On a periodic basis I do organise our two-monthly We Are E party in Studio 80 in Amsterdam.
As mentioned above I recently started to assist Frenk Wiersma from Evotions with our upcoming label called “We Are EP”.

Soon the electronic music festival season starts in the Netherlands. Which are your favourite festivals and why?
For sure my Dutch festival favourites include Source Festival and Costa del Sol!
Source Festival has a great musical program, but also pays a lot of attention to different types of art like photography, theatre acts, live paintings and has really cool decorations.
Costa Del Sol shares these kinds of art but most of all is a festival, which has a really great vibe and loads of pretty people!
Going abroad I absolutely love NACHT DIGITAL near the east German Border for basically everything that little charming festival has to offer!

Please write spontaneously a short comment for each of the following terms:
Rotterdam: cold city
Social Media: I like!
Loveparade: terrible what happened last year…
Best Club: Trouw Amsterdam
Best DJ / Producer: Marcus Worgull / Apparat

More information about We Are E:

We Are E is celebrating the 2nd anniversary on 4th February in Club Studio 80 in Amsterdam!

Interview by Joe Landen

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Wednesday 2 February 2011

New House Tracks: Funkerman, Luca Bacchetti, Mark Henning

Time for good new House Tracks:

Funkerman - Paperbag Revolution
We just got in the new promo of Dutch DJ/producer Funkerman. He is one of very few artists, who knows, how to make good commercial and underground Housemusic. "Paperbag Revolution" comes in the current cool house style, with strong whistle and (drum)effects! We present soon his second DIRTY MIND MIX!

David Alvarado - Klugh (Luca Bacchetti Remix)
Cool House Track! Nice rhythm and voice. We should have an eye on Luca Bacchetti, an Italien, living in Barcelona.

Mark Henning - Collider (Original Mix)
Wow! We heard this track in Club Watergate here in Berlin and it blew us away! Dark and powerful! Listen it loud.

All three house music tracks are just uploaded to our internet radio pool.
Tune in at