Tuesday 22 March 2016

Artists To Watch: Dario D'Attis

Although Dario D'Attis is already quite some time in the electronic music biz, the Swiss DJ has become one of the hottest producers for Deep House and Tech House in the last months.

Dario has garnered an international reputation as being a great DJ and equally unique producer. No wonder that he is now releasing his tracks on quality record labels such as Defected, Strictly Rhythm and Toolroom.

The style of his productions can be described as infectious, fresh and dancefloor orientated. You can hear that his roots lie in the Garage and New Jersey House sounds, which strongly influenced Dario D'Attis in the 90s. And now he is combining all this to a very modern House sound.

The current productions of Dario D'Attis fit perfectly in my DJ sets, especially when switching from Deep House sounds to more pumping Tech House tunes. So Dario, keep up the good work, I am looking forward to your new output!

Some of my favourite tracks from Dario D'Attis:

Connect with Dario D'Attis:

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Friday 11 March 2016

Artists To Watch: Cristoph

Chris Costigan a.k.a. Cristoph caught my attention end of 2014 with an amazing House track called "101". Following his other productions it was quite clear to me that this guy from Newcastle (England) is a rising star!

His DJ sets and productions range from Deep House to Tech House, with forward pushing basslines and quality melodies. No wonder real music lovers begin to notice him. As a teen he already started to express his love for electronic music by experimenting with instruments and different production equipment. And he began to dj as alias CJ Costigan, playing a Progressive House sound.

In the meantime he is deejaying in the top clubs of this planet, is releasing music on quality record labels such as Defected, DFTD, Suara, Noir and Knee Deep In Sound and is even touring with DFTD.

I use a lot of tracks from Cristoph in my DJ sets, as they exactly match my kind of music: no boredom or melancholy, but a strong forward momentum, combined with interesting melodies.

Keep up the good work, Cristoph!

Some of my favourite tracks from Cristoph:

Connect with Cristoph:

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Monday 7 March 2016

DIRTY MIND MIX #195: Joe Landen (Germany)

This weeks DIRTY MIND MIX is from Joe Landen from Berlin, Germany. Enjoy his special 60 min Deep House to Tech House set and tune in for free at play.dirtymindmusic.com.

Listen to the mix:

01 Gorge - Tayo (Original)
02 Sixteenth Pulse - Crossing Thoughts (Original Mix)
03 Dario D'Attis - Breaks For Peace (Original Mix)
04 Dario D'Attis - My Tip (Original Mix)
05 Riva Starr - The Superdope (Original Mix)
06 Dave Seaman - Gumball (Dario D'Attis Remix)
07 Russ Yallop & wAFF - Mike The Swamp (Original Mix)
08 Basti Grub, Natch! & Dothen - Oh Baby Dance (Original Mix)
09 Spencer K - Pandole (Original Mix)
10 Paul C, Paolo Martini, Anek - Please Don't Stop (Original Mix)
11 Mihai Popoviciu & David Delgado - Red Gate (Original Mix)
12 Raffaele Rizzi - Skynet (Chus & Ceballos Remix)
13 Serge Devant - Always On My Mind (Original Mix)

About the artist:
Electronic Music is the passion of Joe Landen. He is sharing this strong feeling for the music as a DJ and as the man behind “DIRTY MIND MUSIC - Your House Music Source”.

When deejaying, Joe Landen is taking you on a musical journey. Kicking off with some Deep House sounds, building to more pumping Tech House tunes from the underground, and dropping back into the sweet side of life. All tracks Joe Landen is playing are carefully selected and have this certain forward momentum to make your dancing feet happy.

Joe Landen discovered his passion for Electronic Music when he was 18 and started to collect party flyers. Shortly afterwards Joe established an international network of flyer collectors for exchanging the small hand-outs. For his communication design studies he moved to Stuttgart (Germany) and began to deejay, produce, and organise parties. He became well known with his final year project called "The Flyer Phenomenon" (www.flyerz.de, in German only), a website which is all about the subject matter of party flyers and which also reflects the history of electronic music. As a graphic and web designer he set up the TWINPIX design studio (www.twinpix.de), which had a number of customers from the nightlife scene, including the legendary M1 Club, for which he did the website for over 5 years. In 2006 he was offered the opportunity to spend six months in Amsterdam, fell in love with the city and shortly afterwards emigrated. There Joe founded the internet radio DIRTY MIND MUSIC as a side-project to establish a worldwide platform for quality house music. In 2010 Joe moved from A to B, from Amsterdam to Berlin, taking the radio to another level together with his Finnish wife Ulla Maria. Beginning of 2016 the radio had to close, but since then DIRTY MIND MUSIC is continuing as House Music Blog (www.dirtymindmusic.com) and Soundcloud streaming channel (play.dirtymindmusic.com).

More information about Joe:

More mixes:

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Blog article by Joe Landen for blog.dirtymindmusic.com