Sunday 29 May 2011

DIRTY MIND MIX #129: Vladimir Corbin (Germany)

This weeks DIRTY MIND MIX is coming from our German mix resident Vladimir Corbin. As always he is presenting a great and energetic House Music set. Tune in at

About the artist:
Vladimir Corbin's first steps in the electronic music biz was in 1993 with promoting the big regular event "Stay Tuned" in the area of Stuttgart/Germany together with the now well-know DJ duo Tune Brothers. In 2002 he became the editor of the famous music mag "Sub Culture" in Stuttgart. He began to deejay and developed an own sound signature: deep pumping beats, full chords and clear sounds. A Corbin set is going from Berlin over Detroit to Chicago and back. 2007 he mixed the compilation "Electronic Clubtunes" (ZYX) with a following club tour through Germany (Monza, U60311, Airport, etc). Corbin also started to produce own tracks with powerful sounds.

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Wednesday 25 May 2011

Interview: The Man With No Shadow (Netherlands)

The Man With No Shadow (in Dutch: De Man Zonder Schaduw ) – a shady name for a respectable DJ! We take a closer look at one of Holland's best DJs and talk about his unique style, Sensation White and his party row Gasten Zonder Grenzen (GZG):

First, as always, describe yourself in 3 words:
Well, okay... let’s say intense, creative and straightforward.

How did your DJ career start and what was the key for your success?
My career started with a lot of partying, then organizing parties myself and after that playing at those parties myself. The GZG parties were the first that got really serious. I think the key for my success was a basic one, I managed to share my love for the music and the scene through organizing and playing. In other words, I had my own platform and a sense for the crowd.

Your DJ sets are always very special. How would you describe your own style?
First of all, thanks! I spend a lot of time to get my sets unique and special but it’s also important for me that it’s effective. I like to get the party going, but I also love the intelligent twist. Musically, I think I combine the power of techno with the magical moment. But, there’s a lot to do before I get where I want!

What is your setup when you are deejaying? Do you use Records, CDs, Laptop, Software, Effects? Why?
Right now, I use two CD players and a mixer. I focus on record choice, mixing and the crowd. That’s already three things and that’s enough for me when playing.

You have also played at Sensation White. How is it to perform in front of thousands of white dressed party people?
Ah the Sensation thing, you’re not the first that’s asking me about it. Some weeks ago somebody said on national radio that I was Mr. White, Sensation’s white faced resident. Since then I get a lot of questions about it, but to be honest, I don’t know. I always play in the Deluxe areas, so if you ask me how it is to perform for thousands of white people.. I wouldn’t know ;-)

I understand :-) Then tell us more about your great party row GZG – Gasten Zonder Grenzen.
This has been an interesting year for GZG. After seven years we have grown in popularity and size and I am so happy to see that we managed to keep the vibe at our parties that sets us apart. Actually, it seems as if it’s only getting better and that inspires us to stay true to our roots. Our Zomerpark festival in June is a good example, we’re planning a lot of crazy stuff, but the basic principle of ‘One Day, One Stage, One Festival’ stays the same.. it’s going to be really special.

Please write spontaneously a short comment for each of the following terms:
Amsterdam: “we’ve only just started”
“sleep is commercial”
Ibiza: “get me over guys”
Best Club: Berghain
Best Recordlabel: Cocoon

More information about The Man With No Shadow:

Interview by Joe Landen

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Sunday 22 May 2011

DIRTY MIND MIX #128: Paul Hazendonk (Netherlands)

This weeks DIRTY MIND MIX is coming from Dutch DJ & Producer Paul Hazendonk. Tune in at

01. Trinity and Beyond - Near & Far (Sezer Uysal & Lost remix)
02. Furrr & Hazendonk - Get On The Drum Bus
03. Frivolous - Cryin'
04. Lovebirds - My Man (KiNK remix)
05. Benoit & Sergio - Walk and Talk
06. Remy Kruyer - Sudden Dept
07. Minimal Lounge - Dans Op De Deel (Alex Q remix)
08. Aril Brikha - Forever Frosh
09. Eelke Kleijn - Monkey Movin'
10. Piet van Dongen - She Can't Stop This (Jesper Dahlback remix)
11. LONE - Coreshine Voodoo
12. Sole Fusion - Bass Tone

About the artist:
Dutch DJ Paul Hazendonk got his first club gig at age 18 and after that it all seemed like one big rollercoaster ride. In the first years of his carreer he already played at some of Holland's most infamous clubs, parties and festivals. Shortly after, his talents also got noticed abroad, taking him to most European countries to perform throughout the years. His productions are released on respected labels such as Diynamic Music, Sleaze Records, Little Mountain Recordings and his own labels Manual Music, Stolen Moments and Melomane. Both his DJ and production style has evolved throughout the years from full on techno to a more mature sound, music with an infectious drive, blending elements of (deep) house, techhouse and techno, depending on time and place of performance.

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Sunday 15 May 2011

DIRTY MIND MIX #127: Missy Jay (Ibiza)

This weeks DIRTY MIND MIX is coming from our sexy bundle of energy from Ibiza: Missy Jay. She is presenting for the second time a mix on our show. Tune in at

About the artist:
Based in Ibiza at the moment Missy Jay is a new rising international DJ. She has travelled all around the globe and has displayed her passion for music in the largest and most popular clubs in the world. Missy Jay performed in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. This demonstrates both her international popularity, and her skill with adapting her live performance skills to a very diverse crowd. Missy Jay is rated as one of the 10 best female house dj’s worldwide by web pool In the meantime she has also now her own record label called MJM-Records.

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Saturday 7 May 2011

DIRTY MIND MIX #126: Jhon Spark (Colombia/Netherlands)

This weeks DIRTY MIND MIX is coming from Colombian DJ & Producer Jhon Spark. Tune in at

01. Davide_ Squillace and Phutura - Pigwings (Audiofly Remix)
02. Hermanez - Necotine (Original mix)
03. Carlo Lio - Sativa (Original Mix)
04. Matthias Tanzmann - Chano (Original Mix)
05. Channel X - Salome (Original Mix)
06. The Junkies - How Bout (Leland McWilliams Remix)
07. Gary Beck - Say What (Original Mix)
08. Marshall - Dr. Flute  (Mark Broom Remix)
09. Mihalis Safras & Mark Broom - Crabsticks (Original Mix)
10. Gary Beck - Samsima - (Original Mix)

About the artist:
Jhon Christian Cardenas was born and raised in Cali, Colombia. At the age of 17 he packed his bags and moved to Amsterdam. And it didn’t took him a long time to make his dream come true to become a DJ/Producer. He signed up for the SAE electronic music production (EMP) and after that he did the course of Audio Engineering in AVA studio’s Hilversum. His first Remix New York immediately got released on the label PM deep (NL). Recently he has played at different places in the world like Outland (Rotterdam), Stubnitz & The Rain (Amsterdam), Beachclub Vroeger (Bloemendal), Podium & Club Oz (Colombia), Port Forum (Barcelona), etc. Feel & dance, Jhon Spark lights up the spark in your body!

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