Thursday, 17 February 2011

Interview: Funkerman (Netherlands)

Funkerman is a well known House Music DJ & producer from the Netherlands. He has commercial success, but always remains true to himself. His DJ sets are pure energy and he is always a welcome guest when it comes to our DIRTY MIND MIX Show. This is Funkerman:

First, as always, describe yourself in 3 words:
Impulsive, control freak, workaholic

How did your DJ and Producer career start and how did it develop?
I started out being a music lover at a very young age and discovered turntablism at the age of 13. It was love at first sight! My first time DJ-ing was at a club in my hometown, I had a residency there for eleven years. In 2004 I started a label called Flamingo Recordings. One year later my International DJ career started to grow and now we are here. 2011 will be a fresh year for me with a lot of new stuff coming up.

That sounds great! What are you busy with at the moment?
I just rebuilt our studio together with my good friend Raf. We are producing a lot of different stuff at the moment and for other artists as well. Besides that we are planning a new Funkerman album. We have a lot of great tracks that might be good enough, it’s again another sound than people would expect from me. So check out my website for updates.

You are one of the few artists, who knows, how to make good commercial and underground House Music. How do you find the right balance between success and being a cool underground DJ? 
When something turns out to be a commercial success I am totally fine with that. As long as I make music with the right intentions.There is some good stuff around and I guess lots of artists try to make great music but some are just on the hunt for fame. People will feel the difference, no matter how hard the industry tries to make you believe something else.

What is your setup when you are deejaying? Do you use Records, CDs, Laptop, Software, Effects? Why?
I always try to work as simple and creative as possible on stage. 4 CD players and 1 mixer with effects are just perfect for me. The equipment is so good nowadays, that I can change arrangements and add effects with the CD players and right mixer. I recently moved all my records to my office and that reminded me again of how heavy that shit was and that I was dragging all these records around for years and years. Now I have all my music on two memory sticks ☺

I lived myself several years in the Netherlands. How do you explain that this tiny country is one of the driving forces in House & Techno? And why are the people so crazy about it? 
I think the fact that house music started here in the late 80’s and became one of the most important music genres in the Netherlands. Besides that, there are a lot of Dutch DJ’s with an international career with lots of followers worldwide. I guess that makes Holland one of the biggest electronic dance music capitals in the world.

Please write spontaneously a short comment for each of the following terms:
Amsterdam: Oosterhout ☺
Berlin: Techno capital of the world
Miami: Sunshine and Music
Best Club: Sandwich
Best Festival: All the festivals where I’ve been invited to play ☺

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