Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Interview: Aga Heller (Supraton, Hamburg)

Today we start with the first interview on our House Music blog. We are happy, we could win for this a real nightlife pro and multi-talent, who supported our internet radio right from the start in 2008: Aga Heller. He lives in Hamburg and is one of the most important persons in the electronic music biz from Germany.

First, as always, describe yourself in 3 words:
Hahahaha! Ok, let me try… “Attractive, successful, generous” – Hope you agree! ;o)

Of course :-)  We met first time around the year 2000 in Stuttgart/Germany. I was the webdesigner of the famous M1 Club and you did the bookings for this and other clubs with M1_Bookings. What happened from then until now?
I sold my share of M1_Bookings at the end of 2001 and moved to Hamburg, where I started to work for Warner Music as a product manager. I was responsible for dance compilations there. A year later I left Warner Music already and joined the dance department at edel music AG, where I took care of marketing and A&R management. After a few years at edel music I decided to relaunch Supraton, my own agency – and I am quite happy, how it went. We represent some quite popular DJs and producers exclusively, like The Shapeshifters, Ian Carey, DBN, Michael Gray, Marco Lys, Nalin & Kane and several more.
And not to forget about my “hobby”: I used to work for different radio stations as a presenter and editor within the last 15 years, too. Since three years I run the “Bacardi B-Live Radio Show” on Radio sunshine live (a national radio station in Germany), which is the most successful dance music radio show in Germany with more than 200.000 listeners every week.

Yes, you are definitely one of the most important persons in the electronic music biz. Party promoter, club manager, A&R, marketing manager, artist manager, DJ, producer, radio presenter... you did so many things. What do you like the most and do you wish sometimes to have just an ordinary nine to five job?
I definitely wish to have just an ordinary nine to five job sometimes! Would be nice to have some more free time! My day in the office (or studio) starts at nine in the morning – and it usually ends late in the evening or even at night. But I love what I do. There’s actually nothing I like most, I love all the parts of my job in general – except of accounting, controlling, etc. ;-)

What is for you the best club and who is the best House Music DJ / producer at the moment?
That’s a hard question. I had the luck to see a lot of great clubs worldwide. I would not say there’s one club, that’s the best one, but I would say there are a few massive clubs that I really like: Fabric (London), Berghain (Berlin), Zouk (Singapore), Space (Miami), Amnesia (Ibiza). And I will always love the old M1_The Club in Stuttgart. Had a great time there… :-)
About DJs: My all-time favourite DJs are Deep Dish and first of all Danny Tenaglia, of course. A shame Deep Dish split a few years ago. But they are legends. And Danny Tenaglia is the “DJ of the DJs” – never ever will forget his 24 hour sets at Space Ibiza or Space Miami.

Please write spontaneously a short comment for each of the following terms:
Hamburg: wet and cold – but home!
Ibiza: I like!
Berlin: Crazy parties!
Miami: Titts and beaches - overrated!
Loveparade: Ouch…

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