Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Interview: Vladimir Corbin (Beatmarket, Stuttgart)

Vladimir Corbin lives in the South of Germany. He is our new mix resident, presenting regularly a fine DJ set on our DIRTY MIND MIX Show. Time to get to know Vlado better!

First, as always, describe yourself in 3 words:
Dirty Minded Musician!

We met first time around the year 2000 in Stuttgart/Germany. I was the webdesigner of "M1 The Club" and you worked for “Sub Culture”, an important nightlife magazine. What happened from then until now?
Oh my god! So much happened in the past years. I quitted publishing Sub Culture in 2008. From 2002 on I published the Sub Culture Magazine by myself and after long 11 years in a magazine office I decided to change some things and so I took all my concentration on my music and events like "Tonsport". I found my love in spinning vinyls in 2000 and producing tracks, but it took a long time releasing my first tracks on different labels. I worked together with great artists like Dapayk, Kolombo, Deepchild, Ante Perry and others. Now I am running my booking agency Beatmarket and also work for sceen.fm, WeSC and in the background of a record label. You see, a lot of things happened ;-)

Tell us more about the Beatmarket:
Beatmarket is my booking agency with great artists like Kolombo, LouLou Players, Alma Gold & Citizen Black, founded in the beginning of this year.

What is your setup when you are deejaying? Do you use Records, CDs, Laptop, Software, Effects? Why?
My big love for years was spinning vinyls but with the beginning of longer travels I changed to CDs. It’s much more easy to travel with a small bag than with 30 kilos of vinyls and sometimes I hear my back saying “thank you”. For me playing music is like a hand trade and so there is no controller or software giving me a hand.
The most used setup is a Pioneer DJM 1.000 and two Pioneer CD-J 2.000 together with my Philipps hdd120 mp3 recorder.

We really like the track selection of your mixes on our internet radio. Describe your style, how do you select the tracks and what is your source for good music? 
Thank you! I’m listening to a lot of music to find the tracks for my mixes. In getting promo tracks, listening to soundcloud and different platforms,  it takes a lot of time but work will be done. My style is somewhere between dirty, groovy deep house and some catchy techhouse. The most important substance of good music is a groove and some melodies that causes a grin on your face. I love to see happy people on the dancefloor!

Do you use social media for self-promotion?
I think these days it’s nearly impossible to promote yourself as a music artist without being a part of the most used social platforms. So yes, I use them and share my music and news.

Please write spontaneously a short comment for each of the following terms:
Stuttgart: Sound City Stuttgart
Ibiza: nice isle ;-)
Amsterdam: wooooha, such a wonderful city
Loveparade: For me the Loveparade died in the moment when it moved from Kurf├╝rstendamm (Street in Berlin and first route of the parade. JOE)
Best Club: Colibri, Stuttgart
Best House DJ / producer: one of the best sets I’ve ever heard was the set Jesse Rose played during my Tonsport event in Colibri, Stuttgart on 07.07.2007 and he’s also a great producer.

Which question you were never asked in an interview, but you would love to answer? (you can also answer if you like, now is your chance :-)
I have never been asked: why the hell are you not moving from your little hometown Esslingen (near Stuttgart) to a bigger city?
Everyone who loves the familiar feeling in such small cities knows what I would lose in doing that. My family lives here, all my friends and I know every damn corner and street in this town. Why should I move in a big city to be among all the foreign people?

More information about Vladimir Corbin: 

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