Tuesday 12 February 2013

Ceede Music - the brand new social media project for music producers

Ceede Music is a brand new social media project created by a group of electronic music obsessives and industry heads with a mindset not restricted by scenes, genres, BPM or record labels. The Ceede team actively search high and low for the freshest releases from well-established staples, unearthing new artists and labels along the way and spreading the word of the new music via the Ceede Music Facebook page.

The project reaches out to the people of the music industry and its deep-rooted followers, label A&R, DJs, event promoters, bloggers and more. Acting as a centrepiece of all online music discovery outlets. Ceede collects the best of every outlet, presenting it in an accessible format for users to explore each artist further via links from the Ceede Music page.

Ceede Music heavily promotes artists’ social spaces, linking each post to artist pages, YouTube channels, and Soundcloud pages in an effort to maximise traffic, views and plays, shares and music sales for the artist.

Ceede Music is inviting electronic enthusiasts to join as content creators to help unearth some of the best new talent for the world to hear, so if you’re on top of your music game, send Ceede an email to become a member, and spread your music to the world.

For demos, general information and to become a member of the Ceede team, email to: info@ceedelondon.co.uk

DIRTY MIND MUSIC wishes Ceede Music good luck with the concept. We keep an eye on it!

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