Wednesday 16 January 2013

Interview: Manuel De La Mare / 303lovers radio show (Italy)

Manuel De La Mare is a DJ & producer from Italy and owner of the labels “303lovers” and “Hotfingers”. He is regularly presenting the “303lovers radio show”, which is often showcased on our internet radio DIRTY MIND MUSIC. Besides this, Manuel did our 4 years anniversary mix in summer 2012. A lot of reasons to get him and his work to know better…

First, as always, describe yourself in 3 words:
Music lover, cat lover, art lover

Tell us about the concept of your 303lovers radio show and how the idea started.
303lovers has always had a very own music view as a label and we wanted with our radio show to be able to share the music we prefer with a larger audience, giving also the possibility to our artists and djs we love to play their music outside the club. This also let us playing a bit a different music from what is our normal dj set, in the radio we do not have to make people dance, so we can take a different way and usually play more rich in music elements.

How do you choose the DJs for the show?
It represents our taste for music and it evolves continuously. We are happy to host djs we respect and maybe we never had the pleasure to meet personally or to dance to their music in a club.

Tell us more about the 303lovers record label.
It is our fifth anniversary, and we spent last years trying to deliver good solid techno and house music. I think we are having a second born now, we started again focusing a lot on what we do as a label, maybe last couple of years we travelled too much and we left a bit the label aside. So I can say the best is yet to come with a lot of new music we are working on at the moment in the studio with Luigi Rocca.

Besides the radio show and the label, what are you busy with at the moment?
We are going to run our own parties! It is the thing we are most busy with at the moment! We are putting a lot of work into it, the first party will be at Plan B, London,  and we are planning already to be present at some big festival for the next summer season.

Please write spontaneously a short comment for each of the following terms:
Ibiza: Beautiful sea, incredible nightclubs in one place, the most beautiful island for all party ppl and music lovers
Berlin: It is still an unknown territory for me
Best club: M2 Seoul, Space Miami, Space Ibiza, Ministry Of Sound London, the list could be very long
House Music 2013: Would love to listen something more innovative, not stuck to the same loops and samples
Winter: I love snow and ski, so it is an amazing season

More information about Manuel De La Mare and 303lovers:

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