Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Social Media for DJs, Producers, Artists, Managements, Clubs and Labels

Today I want to start a new series here in our blog which combines my passion Electronic Music with my other passion: Social Media.

I will show you here the most important Social Media channels you have to have if you are a DJs, Producer, Artist, Manager, Club or Label owner.

Why Social Media?

It's easy: because it is free! In the past we all had to book expensive advertisement in different media, now we build up our own strong distribution channels and feed only the interested people with our content.

For the first time we can really interact with our fans and target group, we can learn from their comments, we can turn skeptical people into fans and fans into loyal fans.

Today everybody is a publisher. We have Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and we write about everyday things, especially when they are good or bad. Now you have the choice: let people write about you whatever they want - or do you participate and interact with them, even direct them. With free monitoring tools we can see, who writes about us and our brand. With posts, direct messages or comments we can communicate with these people. This we call dialogue!

What do I need for successful Social Media work?

1. You need time. And you need regularly time. Invest almost every day or every other day time in Social Media. Otherwise it's worthless.

2. You need to know where your target group is.

3. You need good and interesting content.

4. Every channel has its own purpose, you need to know which content to place where and how the other channels can support it.

5. You need to know what people write about you. You have to monitor it, then you can react.

You are responsible for point 1 and 3.
My blog series here will take care about point 2, 4 and 5!
Is that a deal? :-)

Which Social Media Channels do I need for my Music Biz?

There are a lot of different Social Media Channels online, take a look at the graphic above! But let us focus on the main channels, which are important for the Music Biz! These are:

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. YouTube
4. Soundcloud
5. Linkedin
6. Your own Blog
7. Your Website

and in an extra chapter I will talk about:
8. Monitoring & Statistics

So, get ready for Social Media! Stay tuned!

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Written by Joe Landen

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