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Summer Jobs in Ibiza - Tips from an Expert

Many young people, who love electronic music, dream of having a seasonal job in Ibiza. I talked to my friend Jörg, he is German and he is working for over 10 years every summer in the NEW GARDEN bar in Playa d'en Bossa. There he is responsible for selling club tickets. Jörg is a true Ibiza expert and is answering the most important questions about summer jobs on the White Isle:

Is it easy to find a seasonal job in Ibiza?
Yes! There are many possibilities: working in a hotel, restaurant, bar or club, making promotion for parties, selling club tickets, etc.

How do I get a job in Ibiza?
The easiest way is to fly to the island before the season really starts. So come beginning of May and just ask for jobs, where you want to work.

What about the languages?
A lot of people who start to work here can not speak Spanish. Of course with Spanish your life is easier in Ibiza, but it is also a good chance to learn the language. So be open minded and interested. Ibiza is a tourist island, the more languages you speak the better. Besides Spanish the main languages are English, German and Italian.

How are the working conditions?
Most of the jobs are during the evening and night, so it might be you work from around 8 pm to 4 am (or later) every day. The season only lasts about 4 months, so usually you work this period and without any day off! With a normal holiday job you will not get rich here, but most likely you come here for sun, fun and meeting cool people, instead of money making. You have here the beaches and the parties next to your work, so it can be very exhausting, but for sure it is a once in a lifetime experience. Do not expect all the time holiday, it can be a hard job. And the coolest job ever. If you like electronic music Ibiza is your paradise. Many workers return every season to the island.

Where do I live?
If you are working for a hotel then most likely you will get a room there. Otherwise you have to take care about this yourself! The housing situation in Ibiza is not the best. If you can share a room with someone else you have to pay around 200 - 300 EUR a month. If you want the room for yourself it will be around 400 EUR. An own apartment costs 1200 - 1600 EUR a month!

Can I come to Ibiza without money? I will earn money there.
Be aware you have to come to Ibiza in May, but most likely you start to earn money beginning of June, when the main season starts. Most likely you get your monthly wage end of the month. So you have to live the first 2 months from your savings! When you rent a room or apartment the landlord wants a deposit (around 2 months rent) and the first rent.

Do I have free entry to the clubs?
If you are selling club tickets or promoting parties you will get a certain kind of identity card, which allows you to enter the clubs for free. This saves you a lot of money during the season! The club entry is usually around 30 - 70 EUR a night.

Interview by Joe Landen

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