Saturday 20 July 2013

Meet the DIRTY MIND MUSIC team!

Our radio DIRTY MIND MUSIC celebrates its 5th birthday this summer, so its time that you meet the core team behind it:

City I live in:
Berlin -  an exciting city! Not only because there is so much happening, but also because of its crazy history. You still feel it everywhere and it only happened a few decades ago.

What I love about DIRTY MIND MUSIC:
That we can reach electronic music lovers all over the world! We have listeners in 100 different countries, including South Africa, Bermuda, Colombia, Peru, China, Thailand, New Zealand, Russia, Saudi Arabia – amazing what technology can make happen today. I mean, this is the true spirit of House Music: no boundaries - everybody is welcome! And when we get from these listeners a nice feedback, then we know why we are doing the radio.

I could not find a radio station, which constantly plays good and interesting house music. So I created my own station as a very ambitious hobby project. Our radio is made out of passion for electronic music. I am glad that lot of people with different skills support my idea.

Best place in Berlin for partying?
Definitely Berghain! As I am a house music lover I prefer the Panorama Bar, the house floor above the main hall. Its very hard to get into the club that is why the crowd inside is so special. Panorama Bar has no Go Go Dancers or any fancy stuff, just this raw architecture and a massive PA. And when its already morning or during the day and the light jockey opens the blinds for a few seconds, the crowd explodes because of the sunlight hitting their moving bodies. Wow!

City I live in:
Berlin. The city of music, culture, art, nature, endless club nights and everything in between! Even though Berlin is a huge cosmopolitan city, it is so relaxed and laidback. Home <3

What I love about DIRTY MIND MUSIC:
The fact that DMM plays killer tracks one after the other. The majority of the tracks we play are first heard at a party or in a DJ mix from our favorite DJs. We fall in love with the tracks, find them, buy them and add them to our radio. Every track has a little story. It is nice way to remember those moments again.

How DIRTY MIND MUSIC changed after I participated:
I joined DMM officially in 2010. Back then we played lot of progressive and vocal house. It was very nice and sweet, but we needed a fresh kick! I'm a girl who prefers tech house, techno, minimal, pumping beats and fat bass, so I guess this was the time when DMMs music style changed towards the techy side.

Best place for partying outside Berlin?
IBIZA!! The paradise on earth! You have the best clubs with unbelievable soundsystems, best DJs, like-minded people and the great athmosphere. You have the sun, sea & beach! You have daytime parties and you can go loco during the night. Ibiza is the mecca for electronic music lovers, when you come to the island you can really feel the energy! :) You have to experience this!

City I live in:
Nuremberg (Germany), the city with the famous Christmas market and the spicy gingerbread :-)

What I love about DIRTY MIND MUSIC:
The radio is supporting me in my daily life whenever I need it. With DIRTY MIND MUSIC working, running, cleaning or cooking is more fun. It cheers me up when I am down and calms me down when I need to relax. Sometimes it makes me dancing, sometimes it makes me dreaming...

The idea behind my DIRTY MIND characters:
As the main visual for the radio Joe wanted to create an artificial DIRTY MIND landscape with characters. Together we came up with the idea that I design certain characters, which represent our best friends and our pets. We also have the staff in it like Ulla, the cool cat Mr. Blackie, myself and of course Joe, who is also in the logo of DIRTY MIND MUSIC. The two silhouettes behind him in the logo represent his supporters, who stand behind him. As you can see, the DIRTY MIND WORLD is very unique and personal!

House Music...
sounds better with Joe ;-)

City I live in:
I live in a town called Esslingen near Motorcity Stuttgart. Smaller than Stuttgart, but all you need is a bit peace in your home without all that noise.

What I love about DIRTY MIND MUSIC:
I like the freshness and familiarity of DMM. There are so many DJs, who live for their sets and music - and in DMM they find a home sweet home.

A good DJ mix in my oppinion?
There's no guidance for a good DJ mix. Some people like it hot from the first minute, some need a structure form from easy to party. Every set has it's secret, which has to be found by the audience.

What am I currently busy with:
After years of having the plan in my head my partner in crime Patrick Vano and me started our own label TONSPORT MUSIC. Somewhere between dirty House, grooving Techhouse tunes and a bit of Techno we will offer a plattform for good music. Namedropping is not our aim, we just wanna make the people dance!

City I live in:
Blackie City (I think some ugly humans call it also „Berlin“)

What I love about DIRTY MIND MUSIC:
The stop button, so I can finally get my 18 hours beauty sleep!

DJs I would like to hear in a DIRTY MIND MIX:
Deadmau5, Loco Mice, Daft Skunk, Milk & Sugar, Swedish Mouse Mafia and Felix Da Housecat.

How it feels to make a career from an injured Amsterdam street cat to a superstar in posh Berlin district Prenzlauer Berg:

Feel free to come and say hello if you spot one of us, we love to get in touch with music lovers!

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