Saturday 23 March 2013

DIRTY MIND MIX #165: Patrick Vano (Germany)

This weeks DIRTY MIND MIX is from German DJ & Producer Patrick Vano. Tune in at

01. Christian Loffler - Eleven feat Mohna
02. Dash Dude - Apply to people (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)
03. Marvin Zeyss - Running nowhere (Chris Lattner Remix)
04. Vera - Attachments of the past
05. Wouter De Moor - Clutter
06. Aki Latvam?ki - It is not now either (Max Cooper Remix)
07. Ron Costa Gez Uri
08. Patrick Lindsey - What is this
09. Magit Cacoon & Nunu - Soul motion (&Me Remix)
10. Jose Lucker & Nuria Ghia - We ll see (Ron Costa Remix)
11. Lilith - Engine Repair (Oliver Klein Remix)
12. Ron Costa - Matu lso
13. David Keno & Jaxon - Gotham

About the artist:
Patrick Vano has been deejaying and producing since the early 90's. Until 2009 he was also editor of German electronic scene mag "Subculture Neckar/Alb/Bodensee" where he met Vladimir Corbin. Together they started organizing an ongoing series of parties with national and international acts. However, Patrick did not release any of his productions until Dapayk asked for a remix on his "Decade One" album. Since then Patrick was producing several tracks on different labels. 2013 is going to be Patrick's most ambitious year. "The Other Side Of Me” is his first full length album to be released on Mo's Ferry. And together with long time buddy Vladimir Corbin he is just starting his own label "Tonsport Music".

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